Marx aloittelijoille

4653 stars

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Title Marx aloittelijoille
Rating 4653 stars
Author Rius
Pages 143
Isbn 9513051102
Review I enjoyed this documentary comic strip introduction to Marx by Mexican cartoonist Rius. Since I was pretty much ignorant of Marx's work to start with, I can't comment on the accuracy or comprehensiveness of Rius's intro. It held my attention, though, which is rare for nonfiction in general. I came away feeling that I understood certain currents in philosophy better, particularly political philosophy. Even more impressively, it showed a new (to me) interpretation of the functions of the state and our political system. I'd recommend this, and I wish I'd read it when it was written, in the seventies, when I was a teenager.


I read this book again after so many years after I bought it, when I were 18 years old, I think, in 1995 (you should say I possess a great memory, ahahaha!). One way or another this a good introductory book for everyone that is interested in doing their first start in the world of polithics and whants to understand the storical reasons behind the creation of Communism in their most known form, the Marxism-Leninism. I know that when I choose the leave a review about one such a book here, everybody will start to regard me as a dangerous person, but keep in mind that I'm nothing of that kind. But sometimes when I were reading the book, since in a bar today, I prefer to keep the cover hidden from the eyes of everyone people, so in order to avoid some impredictable qualifications about my person Oh, you are a communist, you're reading about Marx!. Anyway, besides what people can think about you, Rius does a great work in explaining every phylosophical stream that conducted right ahead into Marx perspective of things. But sometimes keeps doing too much textual quotations - like the ones from the The comunist pary manifesto. Anyone, I will recomend this book to understand the leftism point of view. The book is not sectarist, sometimes it keeps even criticising Marx himself.

Anyway, you should try it by yourself!

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